Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gecko Yoga Mat, David Swenson

Looking for an amazing yoga mat, well my personal favorite right now is the Gecko Yoga Mat by David Swenson.  I recently discovered the Gecko while trying out a yoga class at Castle Hill Fitness n Austin, Texas.  IMO the Gecko is by far the best mat on the market right now.

David Swenson is one of the world’s foremost instructors of Ashtanga Yoga Practice.  David designed the Gecko Mat for the ultimate comfort, durability and support for Yoga.  The mat is a balance between the durable mats that provide good support but are too heavy to carry and lighter-weight mats that may not provide enough support and don’t last.

The Gecko mat measures 74” long x 26” wide x 5MM thick – so it is slightly longer, wider and thicker for added comfort - but weighs only 5 lbs (30% lighter than comparable mats).   The mat is engineered and made in Germany from the strongest, most durable latex-free materials available.   You'll love the density and surface of this mat.  The mat is latex free and comes in various colors including (Olive, Indigo Purple, Black and Ebony).  The retail price is $75, but may be found cheaper at various Yoga studios and online.

What I have found really appealing about the mat other than its intended design, is the fact that it is probably the best mat out there for doing P90X workouts.  The mat has a non-slip surface and doesn't seem to move when doing high impacted movements such as plyometrics and Kenpo X.

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